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ADDRESS:      Rohr PL 989, NY


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By joining Southeast Track Club, you’ll have access to a fun team atmosphere with weekly informative practices with a defined coach, nutritional/form clinics, big discounts at races and team sponsors, Southeast Track Club VIP tent access at team races with free food and adult drinks, access to personalized coaching plans to help you reach your goals and many more amazing perks!

100% of our members have been happier with Southeast Track Club. Join today and strive to become a healthier, stronger and faster runner!

A group of hard-working runners within the Sarasota community and beyond. Southeast Track Club currently has members stretching from Florida to Washington and all the way out to South Africa.

Upon joining the team, add a coaching package to receive custom workouts each week to help you reach your goals! Each package comes with a functional strength and conditioning program to keep you healthy and injury free.

Providing a fun team atmosphere for the runners in our community.

Weekly practices to fit your schedule! Come out and run with supportive teammates that all strive to get faster and have fun!

Join informative weekly practices and receive training, hydration, recovery, and running form tips!


Our Story.

Southeast Track Club was founded by elite runner and coach, Blake Riley. Coach Blake started Southeast Track Club to bring a fun team atmosphere to the running community of Sarasota, Florida and beyond!

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Working with Blake has been a pleasure.. Just getting back into running after a total knee replacement. He’s been helping me get it done slow and steady. Thank you coach

Lynnette Naughton


Highly recommended, wealth of knowledge on running and nutrition. I live in Canada and correspondent is done with Facebook messenger. Coach Blake is quick to reply back to all messages. Friendly and supportive!!

Marilyn Nerraw


I decided to work specifically on my running to learn the proper technique and to work on my form. For years I have struggled to get stronger with my running and have ended up with one injury or another. Since signing on with Coach Blake I am noticing little changes in how much stronger I’m feeling. The workouts and strength training is strengthening the muscles that have been weak. I’m looking forward to seeing more changes in the coming months.

Jackie Messmer


Southeast Track Club has been an amazing resource and has allowed me to enjoy running again. Coach Blake’s personalized plans have made me into a better runner within the first month! I would highly recommend for everyone to join Southeast Track Club!

Graye Carreira


When I started working with Blake I had only been running a month or so. He set me up with a personalized training plan and with a few months I seen massive gains in speed and endurance. If you are dedicated and driven to excel Blake can make it happen.

Tommy Norman


I've been running and racing most of my adult life. I met with Blake ONCE and learned so much! Blake has a passion for this sport and has immense knowledge to get you to your goals!

April Bell

Southeast Track Club

Featured Athlete

All the way from South Africa! Reinhard likes to push his limits from half marathons to 50 mile races! Some of his PR's include 21km 1:32, 56 miles 10:14

Reinhard Otto

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